Feb 24

Georgia Set to Execute First Woman in 70 Years

A convicted killer who is set to become the first woman executed in Georgia in 70 years will make a bid for clemency on Tuesday, just one day before her scheduled lethal injection. Kelly Gissendaner’s lawyers are asking the state parole board to spare her life because she has found God, is a model inmate, & “accepts full responsibility” for her role in the murder of her husband, who was stabbed to death by her lover. The defense moreover says it’s not fair that the mother of three was sentenced to die while the person who committed the actual killing, Gary Owen, was sentenced only to life. The state attorney general’s office says Gissendaner orchestrated the murder & after went to the scene of the crime to check if the victim was dead. Gissendaner is set to be executed Wednesday evening if she denied a stay or a commuted sentence by the parole board. Last week, the corrections department said she had requested a last meal: cornbread; a side of buttermilk; two cheeseburgers; two large orders of french fries; cherry vanilla ice cream; popcorn; salad with boiled eggs, tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, carrots, cheese & buttermilk dressing; & lemonade. IN-DEPTH — Tracy Connor First published February 23 2015, 3:49 PM

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