Jun 12

Georgia Grown offers farmers showcase

The Hostess City is lucky to have several normal area farmers’ markets. Savannahians can even get their farm-fresh produce fix from the - Local FarmBag delivery program in that brings the - market to your door on Wednesdays or Thursdays. Georgia Grown, a marketing & economic development program of the - Georgia Department of Agriculture, has moreover gotten in to the - mix with its Farmers’ Market Showcase, featuring events in Macon, Moultrie, Atlanta & Savannah. The 2013 showcase started in Atlanta, & its success prompted Agriculture Commissioner Gary W. …

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Jun 12

Georgia archives expanding operating hours

<!–<![endif]–>Georgia archives expanding operating hours | www.ajc.com <!– templates/common/web/includes/extended_meta.html –> <!– TODO strip side-effects from moderation js –><!–Visual Revenue Reader Response Tracking Script (v6) –><!– End of VR RR Tracking Script – All rights reserved –><!– begin jstrials_header block –><!– end jstrials_header block –><!– retargeting header –><!– end retargeting header –><!– begin body_wrap_outer block –><!– begin ad_rp06 block –><!– end ad_rp06 block –><!– begin ad_rp07 block –><!– end ad_rp07 block –><!– begin cmHeaderWrap block –><!– header000.html –> <!– begin cmSubHeaderWrap block> –><!– end cmSubHeaderWrap block –> <!– retargeting body –><!– ATL-AJC-NEWS Google Tag Manager –> <!– End Google Tag Manager –><!– end retargeting body –><!– begin cmBodyWrap block –><!– center “content well” –> Posted: 4:06 p.m. Wednesday, June 11, 2014 By Janel Davis The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Visitors to the - Georgia Archives will have another day to pour through state documents & historical records. Beginning July 14, the - state archives will moreover be open Tuesdays, in addition to its current operating days of Wed. through Saturday. The archives will be open on those days between 8:30 a.m. & 5 p.m. The Georgia Archive was established in 1918 & was 1st housed in the - State Capitol Building. The Georgia Archives moves to Morrow in 2003. Last year, the - state archives was transferred from the - jurisdiction of the - Georgia Secretary of State to the - Board of Regents. <!– comments enabled or frozen –><!– requires javascript/jquery.effects.core.min.js –> <!– right “rail” –>$NEWLINEtttttttt<!– author displayName from api response –>$NEWLINEttttttt$NEWLINEtttttt$NEWLINEtttttt$NEWLINEttttttt$NEWLINEttttttt$NEWLINEttttttt$NEWLINEtttttt$NEWLINEttttt$NEWLINEtttt$NEWLINEttt$NEWLINEtt$NEWLINEt$NEWLINE$NEWLINE$BEGINSCRIPT>$NEWLINEvar browser = navigator.userAgent,$NEWLINE ie_version = 99; //Give a default value for non-IE browsers$NEWLINE $NEWLINEif (browser.indexOf(“MSIE”) > 1) //Detects if IE$NEWLINE ie_version = parseInt(browser.substr(browser.indexOf(“MSIE”)+5, 5));$NEWLINE$NEWLINEif (ie_version ‘+””);e(“body”).append(t);var n=e(t).innerWidth();var r=e(“div”,t).innerWidth();e(t).remove();i=n-r}return i}e.fn.antiscroll=function(t)return this.each(function()if(e(this).data(“antiscroll”))e(this).data(“antiscroll”).destroy()e(this).data(“antiscroll”,new e.Antiscroll(this,t))})};e.Antiscroll=t;t.prototype.refresh=function()var e=this.inner.get(0).scrollWidth>this.el.width()+(this.y?s():0),t=this.inner.get(0).scrollHeight>this.el.height()+(this.x?s():0);if(this.x)if(!this.horizontal&&e)this.horizontal=new n.Horizontal(this)else if(this.horizontal&&!e)this.horizontal.destroy();this.horizontal=nullelse if(this.horizontal)this.horizontal.update()}if(this.y)if(!this.vertical&&t)this.vertical=new n.Vertical(this)else if(this.vertical&&!t)this.vertical.destroy();this.vertical=nullelse if(this.vertical)this.vertical.update()}};t.prototype.destroy=function(){if(this.horizontal)this.horizontal.destroy();this.horizontal=nullif(this.vertical)this.vertical.destroy();this.vertical=nullreturn this};t.prototype.rebuild=function()this.destroy();this.inner.attr(“style”,””);t.call(this,this.el,this.options);return this;n.prototype.destroy=function()this.el.remove();this.pane.inner.unbind(“scroll”,this.innerPaneScrollListener);this.pane.inner.unbind(“mousewheel”,this.innerPaneMouseWheelListener);return this;n.prototype.mouseenter=function()this.enter=true;this.show();n.prototype.mouseleave=function()this.enter=false;if(!this.dragging)if(this.pane.autoHide)this.hide()}};n.prototype.scroll=function()if(!this.shown)this.show();if(!this.enter&&!this.dragging)if(this.pane.autoHide)this.hiding=setTimeout(e.proxy(this,”hide”),1500)}}this.update()};n.prototype.mousedown=function(t)t.preventDefault();this.dragging=true;this.startPageY=t.pageY-parseInt(this.el.css(“top”),10);this.startPageX=t.pageX-parseInt(this.el.css(“left”),10);this.el[0].ownerDocument.onselectstart=function()return false;var n=this.pane,r=e.proxy(this,”mousemove”),i=this;e(this.el[0].ownerDocument).mousemove(r).mouseup(function()i.dragging=false;this.onselectstart=null;e(this).unbind(“mousemove”,r);if(!i.enter)i.hide()})};n.prototype.show=function(e)if(!this.shown&&this.update())this.el.addClass(“antiscroll-scrollbar-shown”);if(this.hiding)clearTimeout(this.hiding);this.hiding=nullthis.shown=true}};n.prototype.hide=function()if(this.pane.autoHide!==false&&this.shown)this.el.removeClass(“antiscroll-scrollbar-shown”);this.shown=false};n.Horizontal=function(t)this.el=e(‘ “, “id”: “writecapture29597677″, “widget_prototype”: “writecapture_widget”); <!– end cmBodyWrap block –><!– begin cmFooterContainer block –><!– outer_footer001.html –> <!– end cmFooterContainer block –><!– end body_wrap_outer block –><!– begin analytics block –><!– SiteCatalyst code version: H.25.5. Copyright 1996-2013 Adobe, Incorporated …

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Jun 12

Hinton leaving Georgia State basketball team

Georgia State back-up point guard Jaylen Hinton has decided to transfer. Hinton, a native of Richmond, Va., averaged 1.4 points in 7.2 minutes per game last season. He appeared in 29 games. …

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Jun 10

South Carolina Governor Calls For End Of Black Biker Week, Mayor Says No

Music Sports Politics ALL <!– HipHopWired468x60 –> South Carolina Governor Calls For End Of Black Biker Week, Mayor Says No NEWS, POLITICS » by Trent Clark (@ItsMeTC15) Jun 9 2014, 7:09pm > South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) is calling for the - end of the - annual yearly Black Biker Week following a deadly 2014 Memorial Day Weekend in that left three people dead & seven more wounded. However, she is facing some opposition from the - Atlantic Beach mayor who, despite acknowledging the - current security issues, knows its history is more deep-rooted than an isolated incident. Reports Fox News: After a bloody Memorial Day weekend left three dead & seven wounded along the - Grand Strand, Gov. Nikki Haley wants to end the - annual yearly Atlantic Beach Bikefest which has drawn black bikers for decades to this community near Myrtle Beach. But Mayor Jake Evans says he has no plans to end the - event in a community that, during the - days of segregation, was one of the - only places on the - South Carolina coast where blacks were welcome. But he’s willing to discuss increasing law enforcement with neighboring communities. Brad Dean of the - Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce says Atlantic Beach has the - right to put on whatever festival it wants. But he says neighboring communities can’t stand idly by when an event has such a negative impact. Given their particular stances on the - matter, it is worth noting in that Haley is a White Republican where as Evans is a Black Democrat. …

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Jun 10

Justin Hood to contend for South Carolina junior title

Justin Hood of St. Matthews continues to make his mark among junior golfers in South Carolina. Heading in to his senior season at Calhoun Academy & coming off defending his SCISA Class 2-A championship in May, Hood this past weekend tied for fifth in the - Junior Festival of Flowers tournament played at Greenwood Country Club. After an opening-day 72, Hood carded a 2-under 70 on Sunday. He finished seven shots back of winner Trevor Phillips of Inman. As part of the - month-long celebration known as the - Festival of Flowers, the - junior tournament was added to the - long-running invitational golf tournaments held in Greenwood. It was open to boys & girls ages 13-18 still enrolled in high school. Hood will return to competition immediately at the - 56th Annual South Carolina Golf Association Junior Championship beginning Tuesday at Willow Creek Golf Club at Greer. The three-day tournament is a stroke-play event on the - par-72 6,788-yard course. This year’s list of players for the - SCGA Junior Championship touts a wide field of experienced juniors ready to add their name to the - list of champions. …

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Jun 10

Send your pictures to South Carolina, send me your cards

–Slappy White South Carolina not only wants you to vacation in the - Palmetto State yet it moreover wants to see what you saw. Its state parks service has launched a “Making Memories” project, a yearlong photo contest inviting anyone to capture & share their experiences in South Carolina’s state parks. The contest runs through May & asks visitors to take pictures of wildlife, landscapes & people during the - different seasons. Winners get prizes. For more information, you may visit South Carolina State Parks’ Facebook site page or visit SCMakingMemories.com. OUR CONTEST: We’re moving right along at trying to get a postcard from all 50 states this summer. We’re up to 18 states so far, in addition to these reports: Gene Burkey was in Denver celebrating the - 45th anniversary of the - Association of Surgical Technologists. “Having a blast!” Gene says. The Parkers & the - Swierskis were vacationing in Kentucky with the - grandchildren (Rowen & Erica) They “enjoyed visiting the - Creation Museum & the - Louisville Slugger Museum … of course, we had to buy a bat.” Nita & Travis Doss (and Sandy & Ralph) had a amazing week in San Antonio. …

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Jun 10

New state education standards will be ready as early as January

COLUMBIA – Changes to South Carolina’s education standards will be ready by the - time the - General Assembly returns in January, an education official asserted Monday. Melanie Barton, executive director of the - South Carolina Education Oversight Committee, told committee members in that changes to the - state’s standards are on the - swift track to receive the - necessary modifications. The Senate in May unanimously approved a bill to replace Common Core education standards with those homegrown in South Carolina by the - 2015-16 school year. But Barton stressed the - changes made to the - state’s standards will be just in that – changes. “I wouldn’t state it’s going to be a total rewrite,” Barton said. “We don’t have time to do that.” She asserted the - committee will review the - standards for specific changes & modify them as needed, such as adding cursive writing & the - memorization of multiplication tables. The committee will be receiving feedback from teachers on changes as well. Superintendent of Education Mick Zais asserted he’s looking forward to the - changes. Zais has-been against the - adoption of Common Core since its introduction. “I’ve been saying for four years of time in that Common Core, basically, is a one-size-fits-all curriculum, & in that we need more flexibility in what kids learn & how they learn 'cause they’re all different,” Zais said. …

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Jun 10

Tennessee doesn&#39;t expect QB Ferguson to return

<!–startclickprintexclude–> <!–endclickprintexclude–> <!–startclickprintexclude–> <!–endclickprintexclude–> DESTIN, Fla. [AP] -- Reports Tennessee coach Butch Jones doesn’t expect quarterback Riley Ferguson to return to the - Volunteers. <!–startclickprintexclude–> <!–endclickprintexclude–> “Riley’s no longer with the - program,” Jones asserted Tuesday night during the - Southeastern Conference spring meetings. Earlier Tuesday, Volquest had reported in that Jones asserted he didn’t expect Ferguson to remain with the - Vols. <!–startclickprintexclude–> <!–endclickprintexclude–> Ferguson, a redshirt freshman, was expected to compete with senior Justin Worley & sophomores Joshua Dobbs & Nathan Peterman for the - starting job. Although a leg injury prevented Ferguson from playing last season – he was the - only one of the - four quarterbacks who didn’t start at least one game – he impressed coaches with his arm strength & upside. <!–startclickprintexclude–> <!–endclickprintexclude–> Ferguson had quarterbacked two state championship teams at Butler High School in Matthews, North Carolina. During Tennessee’s spring game last month, he went 7 of 12 for 83 yards & a touchdown, yet moreover threw an interception & lost a fumble. <!–startclickprintexclude–> <!–endclickprintexclude–> Ferguson’s departure would leave Tennessee with a three-man quarterback competition featuring Worley, Dobbs & Peterman. <!–startclickprintexclude–> <!–endclickprintexclude–> Worley started seven games last season before having season-ending thumb surgery. …

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Jun 10

Govols247: Quinten Dormady first QB to commit in 2015 class

<!– end .inline_wrapper –> Quinten Dormady spent most of last week visiting Tennessee & Alabama after recently receiving offers from both schools, & he returned home Sunday to weigh his options in hopes of deciding on a college soon. It didn’t take him long to make up his mind. The Top247 rising senior quarterback from Boerne (Texas) High School formally announced Monday night on his Twitter Site account in that he has committed to Tennessee, choosing the - Vols over the - rival Crimson Tide just two days after his latest visit to Tennessee. Read the - full story at GoVols247.com. Free access lists from govols247 247Sports Composite: Tennessee’s 2015 Commitments Crystal Ball Predictions: 2015 Tennessee Commitments Tennessee 2015 Recruiting Class Calculator 2015 Recruiting Team Rankings 247Sports Composite: Tennessee’s 2016 Commitments A look back at 2014 247Sports Composite: Tennessee’s 2014 Commitments 2014 Football Top Tennessee Recruits 2014 Football Team Rankings

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