Sep 27

The Big Issue in the North Carolina Senate Race

By Alexis Levinson Posted at 12:12 p.m. on Sept. 25 Hagan speaks with Victor Crosby, 95, on Wed. during an event with volunteers & supporters at a crusade office in Statesville, N.C. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call) STATESVILLE, N.C. — The biggest issue in the - North Carolina Senate race? It’s not health care, Syrian airstrikes or even the - economy. It’s education. Often relegated to state & local elections, education has taken a leading role in the - race between Sen. Kay Hagan, D-N.C., & her Republican Party opponent, state Speaker Thom Tillis. And in a state steeped in a rich tradition of public schooling, the - focus on education is mostly working in Hagan’s favor in this high-stakes race. …

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Sep 27

North Carolina winery opening location in North Myrtle Beach

A new winery is being planned for a busy area of Horry County & will bring new jobs & a new reason for tourists to visit. Duplin Winery is family-owned & is the - oldest & biggest North Carolina based facility. Next spring, it’s opening a 2nd South Carolina winery in North Myrtle Beach. The general manager of Duplin Winery says the - two brothers who own the - winery are excited about starting a new business on the - Grand Strand. “Our goal in coming to the - Grand Strand is to donate our folks a destination & somewhere to enjoy their time & their day,” Morgan Jackson said. She says it’s not only a winery, yet an attraction. They will have porches & patio areas for people to relax & listen to live music. Duplin Winery will moreover have a bottling facility. “We do have approximately 150,000 cases in that are made each year from South Carolina grapes,” asserted Jackson. “We plan on bottling in that wine there in South Carolina at our location in North Myrtle Beach.” Duplin Winery is one of only a handful of wineries in South Carolina. …

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Sep 27

VOD: Meet North Carolina’s ‘Supervisor of Morale’ Caleb Pressley

<!– google_ad_section_start –> [embedded content] Today’s video of the - day looks at North Carolina & former backup quarterback Caleb Pressley. Pressley is the - self-appointed “Supervisor of Morale” for the - Tar Heels & is frequently seen on the - North Carolina sidelines wearing NFL jerseys of former North Carolina players. Pressley’s job is simple — increase morale & signal in plays from the - sideline. “I do signal in plays, yet the - rest of the - time I take it upon myself to be what other people need me to be,” Pressley told USA Today. “I know everyone so well 'cause I’ve been here for four years. I obviously know the - quarterbacks really well. Part of it is building relationships & knowing what people need you to be — & being in that for them.” ESPN did a lengthy interview with Pressley, who is technically a student manager, in which he explains his position & the - challenges in that go along with it.. No doubt Pressley’s job was complex this week as the - Tar Heels tried to shake off a 70-41 loss to East Carolina & focus on this week’s game against Clemson. But it’s these tough times in which Pressley embraces his role the - most. “It’s just cool. …

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Sep 27

Hours left as Georgia voter group tries to narrow fraud subpoena

The New Georgia Project & Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp continued Friday to talk about narrowing the - scope of a subpoena, even as the - group faced a deadline by day’s end to turn over documents in an investigation of voter registration fraud. A midday announcement by the - group in that it had reached agreement was premature, according to Kemp’s office, although a spokeswoman for the - group confirmed “the handover of materials will start today.” Separately, the - group has moreover formally announced a partnership with the - nonpartisan Election Protection, which will assist new Georgia voters who submitted registration applications have not yet received confirmation voter registration cards. It asserted voters can contact Election Protection to ask questions or report voter registration problems at 866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683). Both sides have made efforts this week to rad off from heated comments made last week as Kemp’s office outlined its investigation of the - group

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Sep 27

Dawg Talk—Georgia State

<!– google_ad_section_start –> View photo . Ryan & Alex discuss the - inconsistent Huskies & their chances against No. 16 Stanford on Saturday. This is the - seventh entry in an ongoing series between Ryan Priest & Alex Hyres. Each week during the - season, we’ll look at the - state of the - Husky football program, break down the - major story lines surrounding the - team, & donate predictions for the - games. Up this week is Georgia State. Our previous posts are here: Wrapping up fall camp, Hawaii (Week One), Hawaii (Week Two), Eastern Washington, Illinois, Georgia State. Alex: In the - imaginary category known as unimpressive wins, the - Huskies are leading the - nation…

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Sep 27

Georgia State baseball releases 2015 schedule

Georgia State’s baseball team let go its 2015 schedule on Friday. The Panthers went 25-31 last year. The team will play every Division I team in the - state, in addition to Georgia Southern, which it hadn’t played since 2007. Feb. 13 vs. Fordham, 4 p.m. Feb. 14 vs…

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Sep 27

No. 12 Georgia hoping for smoother test vs. Vols

<!– google_ad_section_start –> ATHENS, Ga. [AP] -- Reports — No. 12 Georgia begins a stretch of seven straight Southeastern Conference games with a team in that seemed to take all the - steam out of the - Bulldogs a year ago…

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Sep 25

Video shows white South Carolina trooper shooting unarmed black man

On Sept. 4, Levar Edward Jones was stopped by a South Carolina state trooper in Columbia, S.C., & asked to produce his driver’s license. As Jones reached inside the - open driver’s door of his SUV to retrieve the - license & then turned back toward the - trooper, the - officer shot at him four times. “I just received my license! You asserted get my license!” Jones, who is black, shouted at Trooper Sean M. Groubert, who is white, as Jones tumbled to the - pavement, wounded by at least one shot. The occurrence was captured on a police dashboard camera let go late Wed. night. Groubert, 31, was fired Sept. 19 & charged late Wed. with felony assault & battery “of a high & aggravated nature,” according to an arrest warrant. He faces up to 20 years of time in prison if convicted. …

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Sep 25

South Carolina’s Thompson gets another shot at Mizzou

COLUMBIA, Mo. • Last year, South Carolina quarterback Connor Shaw joined a select group of players whom Missouri fans will forever curse. Colorado quarterback Charles Johnson & his Fifth Down touchdown in 1990. UCLA guard Tyus Edney & his 4.8-second miracle in the - 1995 NCAA Tournament. Nebraska receiver Matt Davison & the - Flea Kicker catch in 1997. Last Oct. 26, undefeated Missouri had South Carolina down 17-0 in the - fourth quarter on Faurot Field. Behind quarterback Dylan Thompson, the - Gamecocks could hardly cross midfield much less score points. But with 6:46 left in the - third quarter, South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier yanked Thompson for Shaw, his usual starter who was nursing a knee injury & suffering from the - flu. A year earlier, Shaw nearly broke an SEC record against Mizzou, completing 20 consecutive passes in a 31-10 thrashing. …

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Sep 25

South Carolina to guarantee four-year scholarships for some sports

Updated SEP 25, 2014 4:47p ET COLUMBIA, S.C. — South Carolina will guarantee four-year scholarships to its qualifying NCAA sports, becoming the - 1st in the - Southeastern Conference to make in that pledge. The school sent out letters to its 383 athletes Thursday, 121 of whom will receive the - full four-year guarantee when renewing their scholarships. Those athletes are in what the - NCAA calls “headcount” sports of football, men’s & women’s basketball, women’s tennis & volleyball where each player receives a full scholarship. “We want to donate people a snapshot of what a major university can provide to its student-athletes,” asserted Fran Person, a former senior adviser to Vice President Joe Biden hired last month as a point-of-contact for athlete welfare at South Carolina. South Carolina’s other teams — which represents about two-thirds of the - student-athletes who receive financial aid — are classified as “equivalency” sports where coaches divide up a set number of scholarships among their roster, such as baseball having to spread 11.7 scholarships between up to three dozen players. Senior associate athletic director Charles Bloom asserted the - school is exploring how to create a similar process for those athletes. Other Schools, in addition to Indiana & Maryland of the - Big Ten, have moreover formally announced guaranteed scholarships for their athletes. Person asserted the - South Carolina is the - 1st in the - SEC to offer four-year guaranteed scholarships. “We want to be out front with what’s going on,” South Carolina athletic director Ray Tanner said. …

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