Aug 29

Tennessee sends recruit a Photoshop of him with Beyonce (Photo)

Tennessee has taken its Photoshopping skills to another level by using them to create a fake magazine with a recruiting target & pop sensation Beyonce. Somewhere Kliff Kingsbury, who thinks “Beyonce is Bae” is cursing under his breath. Shy Tuttle, a four-star defensive tackle from North Davidson High in Lexington, N.C., tweeted out a picture of the - Photoshop & it is something special. It shows Tuttle in a black T-shirt with a Tennessee logo walking next to Beyonce & all of the - headlines revolve around Tuttle, in addition to one in that reads, “Beyonce On Why She Thinks Tuttle Belongs at Tennessee.” Tuttle has offers from multiple schools, in addition to SEC foes Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Ole Miss & South Carolina, yet this effort has to make a acceptable impression. For more Tennessee news, visit – - – - – - – Graham Watson is the - editor of Dr. Saturday on Yahoo Sports. Have a tip? Email her at or follow her on Twitter! And don’t forget to keep up with all of Graham’s thoughts, witty comments & college football discussions on Facebook site Arts & Entertainment Tennessee Beyonce Kliff Kingsbury

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Aug 27

South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier looms over SEC Network's first game

South Carolina will unveil an 85-foot-high banner of head coach Steve Spurrier on the - side of Williams-Brice Stadium before the - Gamecocks meet Texas A&M on Thursday night. Photo by Associated Press -- Reports /Chattanooga Times Free Press. The 2014 college football season awaits. As does a larger-than-life Steve Spurrier. The Southeastern Conference season will begin Thursday night when No. 9 South Carolina hosts No. 21 Texas A&M. It’s the - debut gridiron matchup of the - SEC Network, & it’s the - coming-out party of an 85-foot-high banner of Spurrier in that has-been installed on the - side of Williams-Brice Stadium. South Carolina athletic director Ray Tanner wanted Spurrier to be on the - banner, leaving the - quick-witted 69-year-old a little unsure of what to think. “Hopefully we can keep winning there at Williams-Brice,” Spurrier asserted in a news conference this week. …

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Aug 27

Measuring Up Texas A&M and South Carolina

Time for Texas A&M & South Carolina to weigh in for their heavyweight bout set for Thursday night. Thursday night is quickly approaching, & in my anticipation for the - game I was looking over the - South Carolina depth chart. I decided to compare the - height & weight of players at each position between Texas A&M & South Carolina to see how they measured up against the - other. Here are the - results: Position Texas A&M Height/Weight Average South Carolina Height/Weight Average Offensive Line 6’5″, 308 6’4.5″, 314 Tight Ends* 6’6″, 271.5 6’5.5″, 242.5 Running Backs 5’10.5″, 210 5’10.5″, 215.3 Wide Receivers 6’2″, 195 5’11″, 182.5 Defensive Ends 6’4.5″, 256.8 6’3″, 256.3 Defensive Tackles 6’2.5″, 299 6’3″, 313 Linebackers 6’2″, 233.8 6’1″, 225.8 Nickel/Spur** 5’11.5″, 200 5’11″, 202 Corners 5’11.5″, 186.8 5’10.5″, 181.5 Safties 6’1″, 198 6’0.5″, 198.3 *Note: A South Carolina fullback was included in this average **Note: South Carolina uses a “Spur” position as a nickel/third linebacker Some quick thoughts based on these measurements: South Carolina has some huge offensive tackles. Corey Robinson goes 6’8″, 344 & Brandon Shell is 6’6″, 333. At those weights, you wonder if our defensive ends can use their speed to get around the - edge of the - Gamecock pass protection. South Carolina receivers aren’t very tall. Starter Shaq Roland is 6’1″ while Pharoh Cooper is 5’11″ & Nick Jones is only 5’7″. They do have a couple of 6’4″ receivers, yet both are backups. Size won’t be an issue for the - Texas A&M secondary. …

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Aug 27

South Carolina's Texas A&M depth chart

Five new starters & a handful of position changes headline the - shake-ups in the - Gamecocks’ 1st depth chart of the - 2014 season. Brison Williams to cornerback finally seems real If, like me, you thought the - notion of Brison Williams playing cornerback was mostly an idle threat, it might be time to reconsider. For the - 1st time, the - senior defensive back is listed at the - top of the - depth chart at cornerback, supplanting former walk-on Sidney Rhodes (phew). Of course, how Williams performs in this new role will be of amazing interest. At 5’11, 208 pounds, Williams is still stockier than most cornerbacks. During the - 2013 season was frequently photographed with something of a belly protruding from beneath his jersey — an admirable quality, to be sure, yet not one frequently found among cornerbacks. CB 12 Brison Williams 5’11 208 SR-3L Warner Robins, Ga. 3 Chris Lammons 5’10 172 FR-HS Sunrise, Fla. 30 Sidney Rhodes 5’10 182 SR-2L Easley, S.C. The decision to move Williams is doubtless made easier by South Carolina’s depth at his previous position, strong safety. …

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Aug 27

In South Carolina, Rubio heals wounds on the right

<!–startclickprintexclude–> The Florida senator is a likely human being desiring political office for the - Republican Party presidential nomination He was a speaker at the - “Faith & Freedom” barbecue fundraiser Monday night Group of DREAMers heckled him during his speech Conservatives liked what they heard, yet want him to explain his views on immigration <!–endclickprintexclude–><!–google_ad_section_start–><!–startclickprintinclude–> Anderson, South Carolina (CNN) — Marco Rubio came to South Carolina this week hoping to win over the - kind of conservative hardliners who turned on him last year as the - Senate immigration change bill he sponsored hit a roadblock in the - Republican-controlled House. By the - time Rubio addressed a massive Republican Party fundraiser here on Monday evening, it wasn’t his right flank he had to worry about. The Florida senator & likely presidential human being desiring political office was the - headline speaker at a “Faith & Freedom” barbecue fundraiser for Rep. Jeff Duncan, the - tea party-backed congressman who represents what many Republicans consider the - most conservative House district in the - state. After a succession of speeches from South Carolina Republican notables like Sen. Lindsey Graham & Gov. Nikki Haley, Rubio took the - stage in Anderson to applause, yet was quickly interrupted by a group of protestors — self-identified DREAMers, young immigrants brought to the - country not legal as minors — who loudly heckled the - senator for abandoning last year’s sweeping immigration package when it was met with harsh resistance on the - right. Rand & Rubio’s 2016 moves The “Inside Politics” Forecast Rubio: Bergdahl swap endangers Americans For an ambitious Republican looking to prove his conservative bona fides & rub out the - stain of working with Chuck Schumer & Harry Reid, the - interruption was something of a gift. A plugged-in Republican operative turned to a reporter & observed dryly, “I couldn’t think of a better way to make Rubio look acceptable in South Carolina.” The audience of nearly 1,200 conservatives jeered the - protestors as Rubio waited for them to be escorted out of the - Anderson Civic Center, scolding them in the - process. “We are a sovereign country in that deserves to have immigration laws,” Rubio said. …

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