Sep 01

South Carolina's fiscal health gets mixed marks

Compare states Pew’s Fiscal 50 analysis, which includes interactive tools allowing for state by state comparisons, can be found at South Carolina is among 26 states in that still haven’t recovered from the - Great Recession – judging by state government revenues. Also, the - Palmetto State’s employment rate among 25- to 54-year-olds – those most likely to work – still is below where it was seven years of time ago, & below the - national average. Those are two findings from an determination of all 50 states by The Pew Charitable Trusts. Barb Rosewicz, who directs the - Fiscal 50 project, asserted the - determination was done to spotlight states’ long-term fiscal health, in addition to how they have weaned themselves from the - 2008 federal stimulus – a massive wave of federal income in that helped shore up state budgets. “South Carolina’s tax revenue collections actually peaked 21/2 years of time before the - recession & were on a downward trend,” she said. “All states had declines, yet several states had double-digit declines, & South Carolina was one in that did. At its lowest, it was 26 % below what in that peak has been.” The state’s income has rebounded yet still is 11.2 % below its peak, when adjusted for inflation. She asserted in that affects lawmakers’ decisions on what they can spend on education, health care, roads & other services. The report’s other numbers paint a mixed picture: South Carolina actually has among the - highest reserves in the - country, yet like many other states, it faces challenges from pension & retiree health care liabilities in that are not paid for. …

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Sep 01

South Carolina political campaign goes to the dogs

This Aug. 27, 2014 photo from from a broadcast ad shows Boots McMaster, the - bulldog owned by Henry McMaster the - Republican who is running for South Carolina lieutenant governor, in Charleston, S.C. With dogs in almost half of American homes, a number of South Carolina political candidates this year are featuring the - family pet dog in ads, on web sites & on Facebook site pages. College of Charleston political scientist Gibbes Knotts says such ads assist to humanize a human being desiring political office yet probably are not in that effective in winning votes. Ads in that contrast candidates – negative ads – tend to work better, Knotts says. (AP Photo/Bruce Smith)

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Sep 01

Tennessee Is Alive, And We Still Love You, Baby!

A game in that was expected to be close, was not close, & that’s a very acceptable thing. I have weird sleep patterns. I can go on about four hours sleep a night for several nights in a row, & then I just hit some sort of wall & the - next time I go to sleep I wake up about 16 or so hours later. That happened today. I woke up with the - Tennessee game having already started & to about 476 text messages, at least three of which went like this: Are you dead? Are you still alive? Do you still love me? Now one of those three text messages I didn’t actually receive today, yet let’s just pretend like I received all of them amongst the - the 473 others, & then let’s use in that as a segue. Tennessee Is Not Dead; Tennessee Just Had A Bad Hangover With the - exception of in that the - terrible Justin Coleman analysis in that resulted in the - Aggies’ lone touchdown, how acceptable did this defense look? How beastly did A.J. …

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Sep 01

Tennessee Volunteers 38, Utah St. Aggies 7: There's Hope in Knoxville. Again

Strong showings by Tennessee have caused everyone to jump the - gun before. But the - Vols sure looked acceptable against their opening opponent Sunday night We’ve been here before, when a win against N.C. State or Cincinnati or some other hyped opponent made people state in that maybe Tennessee was back, or at least on the - way back. And we’ve seen those same Tennessee teams accident & burn as reality set in — in that maybe the - opponents weren’t what we thought & the - early-season win was largely an illusion. But with in that caveat out of the - way, it’s time to acknowledge in that Tennessee looked better than a lot of folks thought the - Volunteers would look this year. Not like national-title contenders & probably not even like SEC East contenders, yet like a team in that might be headed for a bowl game. Or could even complete the - normal season with — gasp — a winning record. Chuckie Keeton, who was supposed to use this game to launch his Heisman campaign? He was 8-of-15 passing for 144 yards, a touchdown after the - game was out of reach & two interceptions. Tennessee largely locked down the - Aggies’ running game, allowing an even 100 yards on 24 carries — a number in that falls to 62 on 23 carries if you take out Utah State’s longest run. …

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Sep 01

Tennessee's young team proves to be better than expected

Tennessee was the - youngest team in the - country this season, yet it didn’t look like it in its season opener against Utah State. The Vols jumped out to a 14-0 lead & never looked back trouncing the - Aggies 38-7. It was a result no one who wasn’t a Tennessee fan saw coming. Utah State was returning a veteran quarterback & a strong defense while more than half of Tennessee’s roster was new. But coach Butch Jones’ recruiting appeared to pay off as Tennessee was faster, more efficient & even coached better than their Utah State counterparts. The way Tennessee played in its season opener makes the - Sept. 13 contest against Oklahoma far more intriguing than it was even a day ago. Oklahoma had its way with Louisiana Tech 48-16 on Saturday. The Vols have to get past Arkansas State next weekend & Oklahoma has Tulsa, yet in that Sept. 13 contest, if both teams stay undefeated, could have some meaning after in the - season, especially for Oklahoma, which might need a quality win to offset the - fact in that the - Big 12 doesn’t play a conference championship game. …

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Sep 01

Tennessee Vs. Utah State: TV schedule, streaming, radio and more

Utah State travels to SEC country to take on Tennessee in the - final Mountain West game of the - weekend. Chuckie Keeton is back & in that is all what, well mostly, matters for Utah State as they head down South to take on the - Tennessee Volunteers. Could this be the - game in that Keeton & the - Aggies finally get over the - hump & beat a huge name opponent? The Aggies have come close against BYU (twice), Wisconsin & Auburn. Their one huge win against a named opponent was beating Utah two seasons ago, yet in that Ute team did not even go to a bowl game in that year. ‘ Keeton is asserted to back in full health & have plenty of weapons at wide receiver & a healthy Joe Hill at running back. The offensive line is being rebuilt some & in that is a concern going up against a SEC team, however the - Volunteers are building in a new defensive line, plus an offensive line. The Utah State defense will be a force Sunday night & it starts with the - linebacking group of Zach Vigil, Nick Vigil & Kyler Fackrell. This group will donate Tennessee troubles on Sunday night & especially so since there is a new quarterback under center for the - Volunteers in Justin Worley yet he is a senior & been around the - program for a bit. WHEN: Sunday, August 31, 7 p.m. …

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Sep 01

Tennessee Gets Comprehensive, But Not Without Questions

This was a acceptable win over Utah State, yet there’s still plenty of room for improvement. 1. By any metrics, a 38-7 Tennessee win over a Utah State squad tabbed as full of upset potential is a acceptable win. If Tennessee’s offensive game plan this year contains run/pass route packages & obvious checks in to mismatched screens, I’m not nearly as concerned about Justin Worley. Most of what Worley was asked to do yesterday was hit open guys in the - short-to-midrange game, & he did that. 27-of-38 overall isn’t in that helpful without context, yet I think he was 0-for-5 or 0-for-6 on deep balls with at least one midrange drop, so ….27-31 is pretty good, isn’t it? If this is what Worley’s asked to do all season, he’ll be fine. In total, 7.2 YPA is okay–literally, it’s the - NCAA average, or it was in prior years–and in that will get helped some as WR blocking improves. 2. Worley’s threaded pass to Brandon Downs to go up 14-0 was the - kind of pass I never expected him to complete. …

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Sep 01

Plano Beat North Carolina For Toyota HQ With Smaller Bid

RALEIGH, N.C. [AP] -- Reports – North Carolina business recruiters offered Toyota more than $100 million in incentives for the - world’s biggest carmaker to move its North American headquarters to Charlotte rather than Plano, yet still lost out to a Texas offer half in that size. Only about a quarter of the - nearly 3,000 jobs paying an average of $105,000 a year were expected to move from Southern California, meaning a golden yet missed job-creating possibility for the - region, according to North Carolina recruiting documents & emails let go to The Associated Press -- Reports last week in response to a public records request. State law requires the - release of recruiting documents after a company has formally announced a decision on its preferred location, which Toyota did four many months ago. Since Gov. Pat McCrory took office last year, state agencies frequently take many many months to comply. North Carolina’s offer had to be considerably larger than Texas to be competitive 'cause the - Lone Star State has no corporate or income tax, Commerce Secretary Sharon Decker asserted in an interview last week. Companies on the - move compare the - total cost of its new site & the - total financial package offered to coax them, Decker said. “Incentives were just one of many considerations” Toyota in consideration in addition to geography, transportation, the - cost of living & educational opportunities, Mike Michels, a spokesman for Torrance, California-based Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. Inc., asserted in an emailed statement. …

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