Aug 27

South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier looms over SEC Network's first game

South Carolina will unveil an 85-foot-high banner of head coach Steve Spurrier on the - side of Williams-Brice Stadium before the - Gamecocks meet Texas A&M on Thursday night. Photo by Associated Press -- Reports /Chattanooga Times Free Press. The 2014 college football season awaits. As does a larger-than-life Steve Spurrier. The Southeastern Conference season will begin Thursday night when No. 9 South Carolina hosts No. 21 Texas A&M. It’s the - debut gridiron matchup of the - SEC Network, & it’s the - coming-out party of an 85-foot-high banner of Spurrier in that has-been installed on the - side of Williams-Brice Stadium. South Carolina athletic director Ray Tanner wanted Spurrier to be on the - banner, leaving the - quick-witted 69-year-old a little unsure of what to think. “Hopefully we can keep winning there at Williams-Brice,” Spurrier asserted in a news conference this week. …

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Aug 27

Measuring Up Texas A&M and South Carolina

Time for Texas A&M & South Carolina to weigh in for their heavyweight bout set for Thursday night. Thursday night is quickly approaching, & in my anticipation for the - game I was looking over the - South Carolina depth chart. I decided to compare the - height & weight of players at each position between Texas A&M & South Carolina to see how they measured up against the - other. Here are the - results: Position Texas A&M Height/Weight Average South Carolina Height/Weight Average Offensive Line 6’5″, 308 6’4.5″, 314 Tight Ends* 6’6″, 271.5 6’5.5″, 242.5 Running Backs 5’10.5″, 210 5’10.5″, 215.3 Wide Receivers 6’2″, 195 5’11″, 182.5 Defensive Ends 6’4.5″, 256.8 6’3″, 256.3 Defensive Tackles 6’2.5″, 299 6’3″, 313 Linebackers 6’2″, 233.8 6’1″, 225.8 Nickel/Spur** 5’11.5″, 200 5’11″, 202 Corners 5’11.5″, 186.8 5’10.5″, 181.5 Safties 6’1″, 198 6’0.5″, 198.3 *Note: A South Carolina fullback was included in this average **Note: South Carolina uses a “Spur” position as a nickel/third linebacker Some quick thoughts based on these measurements: South Carolina has some huge offensive tackles. Corey Robinson goes 6’8″, 344 & Brandon Shell is 6’6″, 333. At those weights, you wonder if our defensive ends can use their speed to get around the - edge of the - Gamecock pass protection. South Carolina receivers aren’t very tall. Starter Shaq Roland is 6’1″ while Pharoh Cooper is 5’11″ & Nick Jones is only 5’7″. They do have a couple of 6’4″ receivers, yet both are backups. Size won’t be an issue for the - Texas A&M secondary. …

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Aug 27

South Carolina's Texas A&M depth chart

Five new starters & a handful of position changes headline the - shake-ups in the - Gamecocks’ 1st depth chart of the - 2014 season. Brison Williams to cornerback finally seems real If, like me, you thought the - notion of Brison Williams playing cornerback was mostly an idle threat, it might be time to reconsider. For the - 1st time, the - senior defensive back is listed at the - top of the - depth chart at cornerback, supplanting former walk-on Sidney Rhodes (phew). Of course, how Williams performs in this new role will be of amazing interest. At 5’11, 208 pounds, Williams is still stockier than most cornerbacks. During the - 2013 season was frequently photographed with something of a belly protruding from beneath his jersey — an admirable quality, to be sure, yet not one frequently found among cornerbacks. CB 12 Brison Williams 5’11 208 SR-3L Warner Robins, Ga. 3 Chris Lammons 5’10 172 FR-HS Sunrise, Fla. 30 Sidney Rhodes 5’10 182 SR-2L Easley, S.C. The decision to move Williams is doubtless made easier by South Carolina’s depth at his previous position, strong safety. …

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Aug 27

In South Carolina, Rubio heals wounds on the right

<!–startclickprintexclude–> The Florida senator is a likely human being desiring political office for the - Republican Party presidential nomination He was a speaker at the - “Faith & Freedom” barbecue fundraiser Monday night Group of DREAMers heckled him during his speech Conservatives liked what they heard, yet want him to explain his views on immigration <!–endclickprintexclude–><!–google_ad_section_start–><!–startclickprintinclude–> Anderson, South Carolina (CNN) — Marco Rubio came to South Carolina this week hoping to win over the - kind of conservative hardliners who turned on him last year as the - Senate immigration change bill he sponsored hit a roadblock in the - Republican-controlled House. By the - time Rubio addressed a massive Republican Party fundraiser here on Monday evening, it wasn’t his right flank he had to worry about. The Florida senator & likely presidential human being desiring political office was the - headline speaker at a “Faith & Freedom” barbecue fundraiser for Rep. Jeff Duncan, the - tea party-backed congressman who represents what many Republicans consider the - most conservative House district in the - state. After a succession of speeches from South Carolina Republican notables like Sen. Lindsey Graham & Gov. Nikki Haley, Rubio took the - stage in Anderson to applause, yet was quickly interrupted by a group of protestors — self-identified DREAMers, young immigrants brought to the - country not legal as minors — who loudly heckled the - senator for abandoning last year’s sweeping immigration package when it was met with harsh resistance on the - right. Rand & Rubio’s 2016 moves The “Inside Politics” Forecast Rubio: Bergdahl swap endangers Americans For an ambitious Republican looking to prove his conservative bona fides & rub out the - stain of working with Chuck Schumer & Harry Reid, the - interruption was something of a gift. A plugged-in Republican operative turned to a reporter & observed dryly, “I couldn’t think of a better way to make Rubio look acceptable in South Carolina.” The audience of nearly 1,200 conservatives jeered the - protestors as Rubio waited for them to be escorted out of the - Anderson Civic Center, scolding them in the - process. “We are a sovereign country in that deserves to have immigration laws,” Rubio said. …

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Aug 25

Stat Simulation: Texas A&M at South Carolina

Analyzing how the - South Carolina Gamecocks (#9) stack up against the - Fightin’ Texas Aggies (#21) in this week’s Stat Simulation. To be honest, this is going to be a very tough match up for Texas A&M. The Gamecocks may have a very inexperienced secondary & a new starting quarterback to replace Connor Shaw (also #2 rusher last year); however, they return a 1,100+ yard tailback in Mike Davis & three of their linebackers who moreover happened to be their leading tacklers & interceptors. Of course, since there are no current team stats to go off of for this week’s prediction, I simply plugged in last year’s 2013 final numbers to see how these teams would have looked against each other, after each team’s bowl game last year – had they met. I realize in that last year’s statistics are largely irrelevant to this year’s teams, yet this is the - only objective way to compare the - teams (as they were in 2013) – & then you, the - reader, can infer what you want about who is missing on this year’s team, how acceptable the - incoming transfers, JUCOs, & freshmen will be, & whether each team is worthy of the - ranking they received pre-season. Before you skip to the - analysis, please let me 1st explain the - scope, drawbacks, & purpose of this chart. Once you’re familiar with this information, you can happily skip ahead in the - future. But I insist in that you READ THIS NOW before you proceed. Key to the - chart below: Blue Metric = Top 25 in the - Nation Red Metric = Bottom 25 in the - nation Advantage = One team is more than 20 spots ahead of the - other team’s inverse metric in the - national ranking. Download: Full Image | PDF Stat Simulation: Texas A&M at South Carolina Sports & Recreation South Carolina Gamecocks Connor Shaw Texas A&M

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Aug 25

South Carolina trooper fired after arresting NFL player for speeding

Laurens, SC (WHNS) — A NFL player was stopped & charged with speeding in the - Upstate, according to jail & sheriff’s office officials. Reportedly Laurens County jail officials, Sidney Sam Montgomery, 24, was charged with speeding by the - Highway Patrol. Montgomery was stopped on Highway 72 three miles west of Clinton at 12:37 a.m. on Thursday going 89 mph in a 55 mph zone, according to Cpl. Bill Rhyne with the - Highway Patrol. Rhyne asserted the - trooper used his discretion to arrest Montgomery, which is allowed under South Carolina laws for speeding. The trooper, who was identified as L. Cpl. R.S. Salter, was suspended following the - incident. …

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Aug 25

South Carolina deputy in hot water after violent arrest

(WYFF) A South Carolina sheriff’s deputy is on administrative leave after a violent arrest was captured on camera. Greenville County Sheriff Office authorities state the - deputy seen on video punching a guy inside a Walmart during a Saturday arrest will remain on leave while an internal investigation is underway. Deputies state the - video only shows part of what happened inside & outside the - store, & in that the - suspect had been shocked with a TASER several times before officers made physical contact. Read more:

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Aug 25

South Carolina's Spurrier stands 85 feet tall outside Williams-Brice Stadium in 10th season

Columbia, SC – by Rick Bonnell, The Charlotte Observer South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier stands 85 feet tall at the - outset of this football season. Symbolically so, at least: There’s a banner celebrating Spurrier’s 10th season with the - Gamecocks outside Williams-Brice Stadium. He made sure to state Sunday in that pomp wasn’t his doing. “It wasn’t my idea,” Spurrier asserted at his news conference setting up Thursday’s season-opener against Texas A&M (6 p.m., SEC Network). “Hopefully we can keep winning here at Williams-Brice. I don’t want people throwing eggs at it & in that could happen.” Highly doubtful. With Rock Hill’s Jadeveon Clowney, the - top pick by the - NFL, now a Houston Texan, who else would Gamecocks athletics director Ray Tanner promote yet the - ol’ ball coach? The ninth-ranked Gamecocks have won 11 games each of the - past three seasons. They’ve won 18 consecutive games at Williams-Brice, longest home winning streak in the - country. South Carolina has a five-game winning streak over cross-state rival Clemson. …

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Aug 25

South Carolina back in 2016 spotlight

<!–startclickprintexclude–> <!–endclickprintexclude–><!–google_ad_section_start–><!–startclickprintinclude–> (CNN) — This week, South Carolina gets a piece of the - action. While Iowa, the - state in that kicks off the - presidential caucus & primary calendar, & New Hampshire, which holds the - nation’s 1st primary, have seen numerous visits this summer by many of the - potential 2016 candidates, things have been quiet in South Carolina. But in that changes on Monday in the - state in that holds the - 1st southern nominating contest. Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida headlines a major fundraiser for Rep. Jeff Duncan in Anderson. Duncan’s fourth annual yearly Faith & Freedom barbeque is a huge draw with many of the - Palmetto State’s top Republicans expected to attend. This is Rubio’s 1st visit to South Carolina in the - 2016 presidential cycle. Last year, another potential Republican Party White House contender, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, was the - main attraction at Duncan’s “Upstate” event. …

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