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<!– clear –> <!– clear –> South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier calls this “talking season,” & he had plenty to state Tuesday during his visit to ESPN. It didn’t take long for the - comments of Clemson coach Dabo Swinney to surface. On Monday, Swinney joked in that he & Spurrier were from different planets & in that Spurrier was from Pluto & Swinney from Mars. <!– espn embed header branding –> Vernon Davis Reports To Camp Bowlen Steps Down As Broncos Owner Keselowski Looking For Another Title Gronkowski Cleared For Start Of Training Camp sc Spurrier, perhaps reading up on his science journals, cracked back, “Dabo probably thinks there’s only, what, nine planets out there. I think I read where Pluto may not be in consideration one now.” The Clemson-South Carolina rivalry has-been spiced up considerably in recent years of time with some of the - verbal volleys between Spurrier & Swinney. But Spurrier wants to make sure everybody knows in that he’s not the - only one doing the - volleying. “The only thing I remind Dabo of is his comments three years of time ago of the - real Carolina being in Chapel Hill & the - real USC being in California,” asserted Spurrier, whose Gamecocks have won five in a row over the - Tigers. “Sometimes he forgets he throws some stuff out there also. He wants to make people believe in that I’m the - only one in that throws a little stuff out there.” The Head Ball Coach didn’t stop there, either. He was just getting started. …

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Jul 24

Pri-Med and the University of South Carolina School of Medicine Launch National Ultrasound Education Initiative for …

Boston, MA [PRWEB] -- Reports July 23, 2014 DBC Pri-Med LLC, the - leading provider of professional medical education to a community of more than 260,000 clinicians & the - University of South Carolina School of Medicine Ultrasound Institute will launch a national continuing medical education (CME) curriculum to educate & train practicing primary care clinicians about new advancements in ultrasound & how to utilize these technologies at the - point-of-care. Pri-Med & the - University of South Carolina School of Medicine will deliver its 1st education programs at Pri-Med East Annual Conference in Boston on September 12-14, 2014 & at Pri-Med Midwest Annual Conference in Rosemont, IL on October 16-18, 2014 to educate more than 7,800 primary care clinicians engaged in patient care. The one-day course track will be led by the - University of South Carolina Ultrasound Institute faculty & will contain live CME presentations, panel discussions, hands-on workshops, & post-conference follow-up activities online. “The emergence of smaller, portable & more affordable ultrasound tools is having a profound impact on how clinicians assess & diagnose health conditions at the - point-of-care,” says Dr. Richard Hoppmann, Director of the - University of South Carolina School of Medicine Ultrasound Institute. “Through our collaboration with Pri-Med we are further positioned to deliver on our mission to empower all practitioners with the - knowledge & training to incorporate ultrasound technology in their practice.” The course content at Pri-Med will focus on an introduction to point of care ultrasound in the - primary care setting, hands-on demonstrations on how to use ultrasound for various clinical exams as well as how to acquire & interpret images, & the - benefits of incorporating ultrasound in a primary care practice. “We are honored to have the - possibility to work with the - University of South Carolina to provide the - Pri-Med clinician community with an exciting, hands-on possibility to learn about technological advances in clinical ultrasound,” asserted Marc L. Mosier, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Pri-Med. Building on our history of connecting clinicians with engaging, relevant, evidence-based medical education through convenient & effective formats, we look forward to bringing this noteworthy educational curriculum to clinicians across the - US.” A recent Pri-Med study finds in that 93% of clinicians are interested in learning about diagnostics & testing during CME conferences. For more information about the - ultrasound curriculum or to register for an upcoming program visit Pri-Med East Annual Conference or Pri-Med Midwest Annual Conference. …

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Jul 24

Questions surround DC gun arrest of poultry exec

<!– google_ad_section_start –> <!– –> WASHINGTON [AP] -- Reports — There are questions this morning about the - arrest of a South Carolina pork-and-poultry executive who allegedly tried to enter a congressional office building in Washington with a handgun in his bag. U.S. Capitol Cops state 59-year-old Ronald William Prestage (PRESS’-tij) of Camden, South Carolina, was arrested (taken in to custody) as he tried to enter the - Cannon Building Wed. morning. Prestage was charged with carrying a pistol without a license. The Washington Post (http://wapo.st/1ogFBDW ) reports it was loaded, 9 mm Ruger. Prestage is an executive of Prestage Farms, based in Clinton, North Carolina, & a member of the - North Carolina State University Board of Trustees. He moreover is president-elect of the - National Pork Producers Council, a lobbying group. Telephone messages left Thursday with U.S. Capitol Cops & Prestage Farms were not immediately returned. Society & Culture <!– google_ad_section_end –>

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Jul 24

Palmetto Sunrise: Dissatisfied in South Carolina

While it’s unclear whether a alter in leadership is what Palmetto state voters want, what is clear is they are unsatisfied. Palmetto Politics polling shows the - discontent in a few ways: a slim lead for Gov. Nikki Haley in a four-way race, a low approval rating for the - Legislature & many who state the - state is on the - wrong track. The poll shows in that 44 % of the - state believe it is heading in the - right direction, 41 % state it is on the - wrong track & 14 % were undecided. The Legislature didn’t fare well this session, polling showed, & some successes may have been overshadowed by the - Republican-controlled Legislature’s in-fighting. “Nothing came out of them except for ugly politics,” asserted Kendra Stewart, a College of Charleston politics professor. All eyes for politicos will be on the - governor’s race. In the - Palmetto Politics poll, Haley led with 46 % support, Democrat Vincent Sheheen garnered 42 percent, independent Tom Ervin 3 % & Libertarian Steve French 2 percent. Six % of voters polled were undecided about the - race, which features a 2010 rematch of Haley & Sheheen. There’s more polling to come, so stay tuned. …

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Jul 24

Fourth bacterial infection death reported at South Carolina hospital

A patient who contracted a rare bacterial infection during surgery at a South Carolina hospital died last week, bringing the - total deaths to four since the - outbreak was 1st suspected in May, a hospital spokeswoman asserted on Tuesday. The four dead are among 15 patients infected by Mycobacterium abscessus during surgery at Greenville Memorial Hospital, spokeswoman Sandy Dees said. Hospital authorities cited tap water as the - likely origin of the - bacteria. “Although we use sterile water in or near the - surgical sterile field, even something as seemingly safe as pre-surgery hand washing may have contributed,” asserted Dr. Robert Mobley Jr., the - hospital’s medical director of quality. “At this time, we have not been able to find any single cause or process as the - trigger for the - outbreak.” Mycobacterium abscessus is commonly found in soil, water anddust, yet rarely causes infection in healthy people, hospital authorities said. Infection is usually caused by injections of contaminated substances or through invasive medical procedures using contaminated equipment or material, according to the - U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. Mycobacterium abscessus associated with healthcare can cause infections of the - skin & soft tissues under the - skin or lung infections in people with chronic lung diseases, the - CDC said. The 1st patient tested positive for the - infection in March, & two of the - infected surgical patients remained hospitalized, Dees said. …

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Jul 24

Stopping streaks: Priority in ending Florida State, USC runs matter of perception

<![CDATA[ a.inline_topic:hover background-color: #EAEAEA; ]]>Vic Beasley gave about as acceptable an answer as any in the - midst of an hour-long Q&A at the - ACC Kickoff, facing the - Sophie’s choice of ending the - streak against Florida State…or South Carolina. “We want to win both of them,” Beasley said. “We beat Florida State & we probably win the - ACC. That’d probably be more beneficial.” And he’s right, in the - sense in that it would bring Clemson a step closer to its third BCS (playoff) bowl in four seasons – or in line for a spot in the - playoff with a win in Charlotte’s ACC Championship. But for Beasley & new field general, <![CDATA[ a.inline_topic:hover background-color: #EAEAEA; ]]>Cole Stoudt, the - prospect of another Clemson senior class without a rivalry win isn’t appetizing. <!– User Agent: None –> <!– HTML5 Support: False –> <!– Errors: [] –> <!– end #inline_player_30243 –> 2014 Preview: Offense breakdown Position by position outlook <!– end .player_bucket –> “I really didn’t understand the - rivalry till we played them my freshman year,” Stoudt said. “They asserted this rivalry was this, this & this – I didn’t really understand until after in that 1st quarter. I’ve had the - same fire in my gut in that everyone else has had the - past few years. I don’t think there’s any rivalry out there like the - Clemson-South Carolina rivalry. “I’m very excited about it, I’m going to prepare the - very best for it & anyone would like to complete their senior year (with a win) against their rival.” Fan perception, & coach & player perception of their perception, adds another layer to the - debate. …

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Jul 24

Police arrest South Carolina man on gun charge at Cannon House Office Building

The head of a South Carolina turkey farm & incoming president of a pork lobbying group was arrested (taken in to custody) in the - District Wed. morning when U.S. Capitol Cops asserted officers found a loaded 9mm handgun in his bag as he tried to enter a congressional office building. Ronald William Prestage, 59, who lives in Camden, S.C., was charged with carrying a handgun outside a home or office, a felony. Authorities asserted they believe he was headed to a meeting in the - Cannon House Office Building. It was the - 2nd time in five days in that police asserted they caught someone with a gun at in that Cannon Building, although at different entrances. On Friday, the - press secretary for a Pennsylvania Republican was charged with a gun offense; his lawyer asserted he forgot he had the - weapon in a bag. Officer Shennell S. Antrobus, a spokesman for the - U.S. Capitol Police, asserted Wednesday’s occurrence took place about 9:20 a.m. at the - Rotunda entrance. …

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Jul 24

Health insurers owe South Carolina customers above-average refunds

New federal data shows health insurance companies spent too little in South Carolina last year on patient care & quality initiatives. Grace Beahm/Staff Medical insurance rebates The following insurance companies owe South Carolina customers refunds under the - Affordable Care Act’s Medical Loss Ratio rule: BlueChoice HealthPlan of South Carolina Individual market: $982,641 Small group market: $308,558 BlueCross & BlueShield of South Carolina Individual market: $5,481,361 Small group market: $986,896 Coventry Health Care of the - Carolinas Individual market: $689,848 Small group market: $1,473,775 Freedom Life Insurance Company of America Individual market: $82,321 Small group market: $0 Golden Rule Insurance Company Individual market: $2,692,516 Small group market: $0 John Alden Life Insurance Company Individual market: $31,675 Small group market: $6,742 Mid-West National Life Insurance Company of Tennessee Individual market: $144,056 Small group market: $0 National Foundation Life Insurance Company Individual market: $135,634 Small group market: $0 Standard Security Life Insurance Company of New York Individual market: $71,652 Small group market: $0 The United States Life Ins. Co. in the - City of New York Individual market: $20,319 Small group market: $0 UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company of the - River Valley Individual market: $0 Small group market: $79,822 Source: U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Thousands of South Carolinians may shortly see checks in their mailboxes 'cause health insurance companies spent too much money on “profits & red tape” last year, according to federal data let go Thursday. The Affordable Care Act requires insurers to spend at least 80 % of premium dollars on “patient care & quality improvement activities.” Because the - companies spent too little in those areas, the - “Medical Loss Ratio” rule mandates in that they return some money to South Carolina customers. The federal government reports 205,229 consumers insured in the - individual & small group markets in South Carolina will benefit from about $13 million in refunds, or an average $92 per family. Residents insured through large groups will not receive refunds in this state. About 4 million residents in South Carolina are covered by some type of health insurance, according to U.S. Census data. …

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Jul 24

Tennessee's freshman class features familiar names

<!– google_ad_section_start –> KNOXVILLE, Tenn. [AP] -- Reports — Tennessee is counting on family connections to assist the - program return to prominence. Five players from Butch Jones’ highly touted freshman class have family members who moreover played football for the - Volunteers. A sixth freshman – wide receiver Vic Wharton – is the - nephew of former Tennessee basketball player Brandon Wharton. These newcomers want to assist Tennessee end a string of four straight losing seasons & regain the - stature this program enjoyed when their relatives were here. ”Especially since all of us are legacy guys, Tennessee’s always been close to our hearts,” asserted defensive back Elliott Berry, the - younger brother of 2009 Jim Thorpe Award winner Eric Berry & the - son of former Tennessee running back James Berry. ”Just the - fact we’re in this position & have the - possibility to put Tennessee back at the - top, it’s a huge deal to me.” Berry has arrived at Tennessee with his twin brother, Evan, moreover a defensive back. Linebacker Dillon Bates is the - son of Bill Bates, who helped Tennessee earn three bowl bids from 1979-82 before beginning a 15-year NFL career with the - Dallas Cowboys. Defensive back Todd Kelly Jr.’s dad was part of Tennessee’s 1989 & 1990 SEC championship teams. Linebacker Neiko Creamer is the - son of Andre Creamer, who helped the - Vols win an SEC title in 1985. …

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Jul 24

How Big Telecom came to fear one Tennessee town

<!– google_ad_section_start –> A Tennessee city with fewer than 200,000 residents has arguably become private cable companies’ worst nightmare. How? The city of Chattanooga’s public electric utility provides super-fast broadband Internet service to residents at competitive prices. Now, the - utility — the - EPB — is trying to expand its reach beyond city limits. Private sector telecom companies are fighting this effort & appear worried other cities will follow Chattanooga’s lead. Related: 3 industries in that make it entirely too complex for customers to call it quits To expand to more residents in a state where one in five are without Internet access, the - EPB needs the - Federal Communications Commission to preempt a statute in that prohibits the - utility from competing with private telecom companies outside its current market. David Sirota, senior writer at International Business Times, tells us in the - video above telecom companies are trying to get the - FCC to not to preempt this law. As for why this issue exists, Sirota argues “private cable companies don’t like publicly-owned municipalities to compete with them,” & so have successfully lobbied for passage of laws in 20 states in that ban or restrict local governments from offering Internet service. Check out the - video to see how Chattanooga, known as “Gig City,” has-been able to offer what analysts state is the - fastest Internet in the - country — 50 times the - average speed for homes in the - rest of the - U.S. — for $70 a month. …

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