Aug 22

N.C. school voucher ruling not expected to affect S.C.'s program

A North Carolina judicial judge ordered in that state to stop using taxpayer money to pay for tuition at private or religious schools, yet his Thursday ruling is not expected to affect a new South Carolina program in that helps students attending similar schools. Wake County, N.C., Superior Court Judge Robert Hobgood ruled in that the - program is unconstitutional on several levels. Voucher advocates state they will appeal the - decision. Hobgood says the - program pays for students to attend schools in that are not obliged to meet state curriculum requirements, violating the - state constitution’s guarantee for students to have an possibility for a sound basic education. Hobgood asserted it’s moreover unconstitutional for public funds to go to privately run & managed schools. The state agency managing the - funds says money in that was planned for distribution earlier this week was stopped. But South Carolina’s program does not involve public money going to private schools in the - form of vouchers. Instead, the - state’s program gives tax credits to residents & businesses who donate to nonprofit organizations – organizations in that in turn provide financial assist for special needs students attending certain private & religious schools. Neil Mellen of Access Opportunity South Carolina, a nonprofit in that supports the - state’s new school choice program, asserted in that is an noteworthy difference. “The foundations of the - program in North Carolina are importantly, legally & functionally quite different from South Carolina’s,” he said. …

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Aug 22

North Carolina cuts tax breaks for movie productions, newspaper reports

17jurassic People fill out paper work during a casting call for roles as background extras for the - movie “Jurassic World” at Grace King High School in Metairie Saturday, March 29, 2014. “Jurassic World” is scheduled for wide release on June 12, 2015. (Photo by Brett Duke, | The Times-Picayune) (Brett Duke) North Carolina is cutting a tax incentive program for movie productions after state lawmakers argued the - financial breaks unfairly single out one industry, the - Wall Street Journal reported this week. North Carolina, along with Southern states like Louisiana & Georgia, have been stealing away business from Hollywood through lucrative tax credits. The WSJ reported in that North Carolina offered a 25 % tax credit, yet the - state will now be using a smaller, competitive grant program for movie productions. Read the - full WSJ report here (subscription required). Public radio’s Marketplace recently took a look at the - North Carolina debate.

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Aug 22

North Carolina Douses Film Incentives After Tea Party Pushback

As California moves closer to quadrupling tax incentives for film production, North Carolina is moving in the - opposite direction, cutting its program this week by two-thirds. The Tar Heel state joins a growing list of those in that have scaled back their incentives programs or eliminated them altogether. Pushback from Tea Party ideologues who oppose all forms of tax incentives in that favor one industry over another is largely responsible for the - growing trend. That’s especially true in red states whose legislatures or state houses are dominated by fiscal conservatives — as is the - case in North Carolina. “The Tea Party faction played a huge role,” asserted an entertainment-industry source familiar with the - situation in the - state. “It’s not just about film incentives; it’s about an anti-government spending philosophy across the - board.” Beginning January 1, North Carolina will replace its 25% refundable tax credit with a $10 million competitive grant program, capped at $5 million per production. Funding for the - program will be cut from $60 million a year to $10 million. The MPAA had urged NC legislators to continue funding at current levels, which the - trade association says was responsible for more than 12,000 jobs in the - state (including more than 3,000 production jobs) & more than $538 million in wages from production & distribution-related jobs. “It’s disappointing in that the - new grant program included in the - budget agreement will prevent North Carolina from remaining competitive in attracting this prominent source of in-state economic activity,” MPAA spokesperson Kate Bedingfield said. Recent films & TV shows shot in the - state contain The Hunger Games, Iron Man 3, Tammy, Homeland, Under The Dome & Eastbound And Down. …

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Aug 22

GovBeat: Fracking fight advances in North Carolina

By Sarah Ferris August 20 North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (R) signed a bill in June to allow hydraulic fracking, which is expected to become a multi-million industry in the - state. (AP Photo/Chuck Burton) North Carolina is down to the - final weeks of a fracking battle in that has consumed the - state government for nearly two years. The state’s Mining & Energy Commission will kick off public hearings this week on the - arguable drilling practice, which Gov. Pat McCrory (R) legalized in June. Fracking is expected to bring in millions of new dollars for North Carolina, which faced a $445 million budget shortfall this year. The practice could begin as shortly as May 2015. The backlash from environmental groups over what has-been described as “dirty drilling” has-been fierce. State authorities have fielded hundreds of safety concerns, ranging from water supply contamination to waste management. Natural gas has become a crucial revenue source in dozens of states nationwide, many in that faced dried-up budgets in the - aftermath of the - recession. …

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Aug 22

Judge blocks North Carolina school voucher program

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Aug 22

Senate Control May Swing On North Carolina's Unpopularity Contest

North Carolina is one of the - half-dozen states in that could cost the - Democrats their majority in the - Senate this November, & both contenders in the - race are hoping to capitalize on a backlash. Democratic incumbent Kay Hagan wants voters to punish her Republican challenger Thom Tillis, the - speaker of the - North Carolina House, for unpopular state laws. Tillis wants to aim anger toward President Pres. Obama at Hagan. It’s expected in elections for candidates to run against each other’s records, yet in purple-ish North Carolina, Hagan is hoping she has some unusually potent fodder. i i Sen. Kay Hagan, D-N.C., takes questions from the - media in April during an appearance in Durham, N.C. Hagan has tried for her 1st 5 1/2 years of time in the - U.S. Senate to persuade North Carolina voters in that being in the - middle of the - road is a acceptable thing. Gerry Broome/ASSOCIATED PRESS hide caption itoggle caption Gerry Broome/ASSOCIATED PRESS Sen. Kay Hagan, D-N.C., takes questions from the - media in April during an appearance in Durham, N.C. …

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Aug 22

Georgia Aquarium makes case for importing belugas

The Georgia Aquarium has not given up on its effort to import additional beluga whales in to the - United States, & presented arguments in federal court Wed. supporting its case. Appearing before U.S. District Judge Amy Totenberg of the - Northern District of Georgia, the - aquarium’s attorney, Daniel E. Diffley, argued in that elements of the - government’s decision-making process should be made public, to reveal why a federal agency reversed its course & decided against granting the - aquarium a permit to import the - whales. In 2012 the - aquarium applied to the - National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration for a permit to import the - wild-captured whales, yet was denied. Last October the - aquarium filed suit, looking for a ruling in federal court to compel granting of the - permit. …

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Aug 22

Georgia State’s football freshmen who may play

Georgia State’s youth movement in football seems likely to continue this season. After 15 scholarship freshmen played last season, coach Trent Miles asserted in that several more may play this year. The Panthers will open the - season against Abilene Christian on Aug. 27 at the - Georgia Dome. “We’ll probably play 10 or more true freshmen this year,” Miles said. Here’s a look at each of the - candidates, grouped by likelihood in that they will play: CERTAINTIES Alex Stoehr: The 6-foot-2, 300-pound freshman has-been working the - 1st team at guard most of the - preseason camp. …

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Aug 22

The good and bad of Georgia State’s running backs

The acceptable news is Georgia State is deep at running back. The offensive news is Georgia State is deep at running back. The Panthers have three healthy backs fighting for playing time, & Jonathan Jean-Bart, the - team’s leading returning rusher (269 yards) started preseason camp well before being sidelined by an ankle injury, could shortly return…

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