Mar 29

Georgia prospects shine at Adidas showcase

<!– commence free preview text –> Isaiah Pryor isn’t your typical recruit. He is 6-foot-2 & has offers from some of the biggest programs in the country, yet there’s something even more unique approximately the 2017 Georgia prospect. Pryor doesn’t have a Twitter account. He decided that he didn’t have time for it, so he deleted his account. A decision that is rare among kids his age. “I was a little kid & everyone had one, so I created one. I just didn’t use it, so there’s no point in having it,” he said. “Apparently coaches like that, because I’m staying off social media.” That’s not the only unique aspect approximately Pryor, though. He used to play the saxophone, yet had to stop because football prevented him from being in the marching band. He moreover understands that football allows him an opportunity to obtain the education he desires. <!– end inline 1 –>“I want to major in psychology because I’m interested in the human mind & helping people with mental disorders. My mom & dad are nurses & they assist people every day, so I just want to be in that field,” he said. “If I have the opportunity to make it to the NFL, I’m unquestionably going to take it, yet I feel like the reason we’re doing all of this is to obtain an education. …

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