Mar 27

South Carolina tries to shake bad rating, holds CDV town hall meeting

REMBERT, SC (WIS) – South Carolina is trying to shake another offensive rating. Last year, the state ranked second in the nation in its rate of women killed by men.As lawmakers are considering harsher penalties for domestic violence, a group of state leaders are taking their message on the road.Domestic violence was the topic of discussion at Thomas Sumter Academy on Thursday & a bipartisan group of state leaders say changes to the law are needed.On Thursday, Attorney General Alan Wilson compared combating domestic violence to playing 18-holes of golf with only a driver & a putter, Wilson said lawmakers need more tools to combat domestic violence.”We legislate things that we hold dear as a society, yet currently, we live in a state where you can obtain five years for beating your dog & thirty days for beating your wife,” Wilson said.About a month ago, the Senate passed a bill that would significantly strengthen penalties & strip gun rights for abusers.Now, the House is considering similar measures. These state leaders all acknowledge they probably won’t obtain everything they want yet are expecting a bill that would donate cops & prosecutors more tools.”We are leading in a category, right now, that we don’t want to be leading in. This has become, in this state, a cultural problem. It’s a cultural problem we have to change,” Senator Thomas McElveen said.The state leaders moreover agreed that legislation to strengthen penalties is just the beginning. They agreed that more education is needed for school children.Wilson said he & his office are dedicated to fighting domestic violence & holding more meetings too. Wilson said more training is moreover needed for law enforcement, judges, & prosecutors.Representative David Weeks says the House will likely take up debate on its domestic violence bill in a couple weeks.Copyright 2015 WIS. All rights reserved. 

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